As Internet technology is widely used for business purposes, many companies publish their products and services on a website.

Visited by online users from different geographic locations, a website has been seen as a strategic communication media to distribute business information, conduct online transactions, and engage online communities.

For this reason, information presentation on a website must be well structured and the website must be designed to enable users to find information easily. This means having an attractive design is not enough to make a good website.

Statistics show that …

of Internet users are likely to leave a website if it takes too much clicks to find what they are looking for.
of the time, Internet users fail to find the information they are seeking on a website due to usability issues.
of Internet users experiencing usability problems on a website do not return.

What we do

We provide a consulting service on:

  • Structuring and identifying information to be presented on a website (i.e. grouping of information and where to best place the information on the website)
  • Designing responsive website to match your look-and-feel
  • How to assess your website performance