Looking for ways to connect with your audience? Use video!

Telling stories with video increases engagement and triggers social sharing.

Reasons you should use video storytelling are:

  • Everyone can relate to a story
  • Storytelling is more concise than a sales pitch
  • Seeing is believing

According to statistics…

of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future
of marketers plan to use more video in their social channels
of all Internet traffic in year 2016 would be video
of Internet users worldwide are mobile phone users

How we can help you?

To evoke a reaction from your audience, engaging videos have to be interesting, entertaining, and educational. That is why we use non-linear video storytelling added with interactive features!

Branching Narratives

Choose between various outcomes and affect the storyline. Choose a character to follow, switch plotlines, or hear a different instrument, among others.

Parallel Stories

Viewers can switch between multiple simultaneous videos – allowing toggling between characters, storylines, perspectives, etc.

Explorable Stories

Using non-linear storytelling, your story can have a beginning but no singular path or ending.

We use HTML5 players to guarantee a consistent experience across mobile devices, TV, tablet computers, and desktop environments.

Possible Use-Case Scenarios

  • Music Videos
  • Video Advertisements
  • Interview Video
  • Training Video
  • E-Learning Content
  • Virtual Tour

Additional Services

To complement our services, we also provide video editing with visual effects to make your video becomes more realistic.

Contact us for further presentation or inquiry.