Whether to produce a new product development or reduce manufacturing costs, every strategy has to be properly implemented and business processes have to be effectively designed amidst all complexities behind.

On this workshop, we will share practices to enable you identifying the big picture of your business processes as a way to find out strenghts and opportunities. We will also share a practice to enable you successfully execute your business strategy.

Methodologies we use

To identify and optimize your business processes, we apply Brown Paper Process Mapping. Upon having effective end-to-end business processes, we apply Kaikaku methodology to translate your strategy into a successful implementation. At the end, it is tangible results you will expect from your manufacturing operational.

Brown Paper Process Mapping

Brown Paper is a visual display of a process, series of processes and / or system, which provides a picture of an entire process showing actual steps, decision points, documentation and interfaces.

Often, the top level business plan and related business strategies are never translated into mid-level functional plan and the functional level plan never gets translated into tactical plan.

Brown Paper very effectively addresses this issue and provides a solution by facilitating the mapping of end-to-end process. It helps to break the silo for all capital assets, generates cross-functional cost optimization and asset utilization.


Kaikaku is a rapid problem-solving technique, applicable to manufacturing sector.

Being a concept in Japanese production philosophy origins in the Toyota Production System, Kaikaku means a radical change of a production system.

It is about introducing new knowledge, new strategies, new approaches, new production techniques, or new equipment.

About the workshop

We are committed to deliver a practical workhop to solve your actual problems through the following two series of workshops.

Brown Paper Process Mapping

Workshop duration is 3 days from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Attendee Level: Mid-level management.

Focus: Operations Management.

By completing this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand the concept of Brown Paper and its key uses
  2. Apply strategy execution:
    • Translateing the top level business plan in to functional business plan
    • Translating functional plan in to departmental activity plan
    • Developing weekly milestones
    • Executing weekly activity plan at the shop floor level
  3. Learn to apply Brown Paper techniques
  4. Appreciate the impact of systems and proces