We provide meaningful insights for businesses in solving their actual problems. Investing in technology may not directly bring benefits for your business. It needs to have an integrated strategy linking your people, business goals, and your systems.

Case Studies

To recent, we have served companies in different sectors to become more productive and competitive in their sectoral landscape.

Performance Measurement Framework to Align Organizational Competencies and Individual Capabilities

For a travel company (Indonesia)

We believe that high performing organization can be achieved when alignment between organizational competencies and individual capabilities is met.

Working with the Client, we observed five organization attributes i.e.: ideology statement, goals, strategies, business processes, and individual jobs. We developed a management guideline for the company board as a big picture how each individual job role correlates to organizational goals achievement. As the outcome, the project had promoted intensive communications across job levels and being a foundation to achieve long-term business goals.

Restructuring Information Architecture of a Corporate Website

For an education service provider (Indonesia)

With the importance of having informative website contents being able to be accessed in responsive layout through different screen sizes, we improved our Client’s website by structuring information architecture. For us, website is not just about visual contents; It is about presenting effective contents.

From a less than 20 webpages with simple description, we had identified broad category of relevant contents to be elaborated on the website. We defined a comprehensive information architecture for the website (i.e. what content to be created and where to place it). As the outcome, we have restructured the initial website into more than 150 pages of various contents with better navigation and comprehensive information.