English today is claimed as to be the third largest language by number of native speakers, after Chinese Mandarin and Spanish. Combining native and non-native speakers, it is considered to be the most commonly spoken language in the world.

What We Do

In aligning with the importance of learning English, we provide learning program for schools using our unique approach.
We combine Teaching + Learning + Technology into four key activities i.e.:

  • Immersion Activities / Workshop;
  • Computer-Assisted Learning and Assessment;
  • Teaching of English Phonics; and
  • Self-Learning (at home).

Expected Outcomes

Through our learning program, we aim at enhancing your school’s existing English academic program with our interactive English learning experience, while also accelerating English learning pace of your students.

As the outcome, students shall be able to practice English skills for their academic purposes and daily activities. Also, students shall be self-motivated to continuously improve their English skills through daily activities e.g. reading English books, writing English articles, listening to English channel program, and speaking English with friends.