Preserving knowledge is important for every organization to grow and to continuously improve itself. From explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge of every division and every individual in the organization, they are all valuable assets.

What We Do

We do tacit knowledge mining from your subject-matter experts into explicit documents. Furthermore, we transform explicit knowledge from your company profile, corporate rules and policies, operational procedures, manual guides, and office documents into course structure. Finally, we design learning evaluation using assignments and quizzes.

We will help your organization to gain internal productivity from collective knowledge, while also aligning employees to the corporate culture.

Key Features

  • Course Management (course curriculum, discussions and course groups, course catalog, certificate of completion, course completion rules, time limit, course pricing, course progress)
  • Course Contents (Videos (YouTube, uploaded video files), MP3 Audio, Presentation (Slideshare, uploaded presentation file), Flash object, tests, surveys, assignments)
  • Gamification (badges, points, rewards, level upgrade)
  • Reports (user reports, course reports, SCORM reports, test reports, survey reports, assignment reports)

Use Cases

  • New Employees Orientation
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Online Courses