With the rise of mobile devices adoption, wearable gadgets and Internet of Things; data are growing faster, larger size, and come in more variety than ever. In meanwhile, businesses are urged to keep more productive and be selective in investing on technology systems. Decisions making has to be made faster (regardless of data complexity), but as accurate as possible.

For sure, there is no single technology system can fit all business needs. At current, your company may already have invested at enterprise resources planning (ERP) system, customer relationships management (CRM) software, powerful server machines, etc. However, parameters for decision making or data analysis require to connect data from various sources including those beyond your on-premise facilities. Think about data sources at social media, in-app statistics, in-store beacons, and third-party data. Business processes also require data exchange and/or automation between different application vendors. As such, point-to-point integration using API or built-in integration methods may not be an efficient solution all the time.

How to react on such challenges? You should look at middleware technology!