With product range varies from compact scanner to large-format scanner, we provide digitization solutions for libraries and production scanning.

Possible Use Cases

  • Self-scanning service. Users scan books and save the result in USB flash disk.
  • Replacement of photocopier machines. Instead of copying books using a photocopy machine, users can scan books and save the output in USB flash disk. The library can also enforce copyright protection by embedding watermark on every scanned page.
  • Production scanning for digitizing physical collections (books, maps, newspapers, and magazines) into digital format for archiving.

Product Range


About Microbox GmbH (brand: book2net)

MICROBOX was founded in 1958 and was over decades one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of microfilm technique for storage and distribution of technical documentation for industrial applications. In the course of the emerging digital technology in the area data management, MICROBOX has developed micro scanning technologies for converting technical information from microfilm into digital information. As a research and design company, MICROBOX is providing book scanning solutions in close cooperation with end-users such as the British Library and the Bavarian State Library. MICROBOX has established the book2net alliance to build a worldwide network of end-users and solution providers. With more than 1200 installations worldwide, MICROBOX became one of the leading and most innovative companies in the area of book scanning. For more information, please visit http://www.book2net.net