The advances of digital technology have created many benefits for consumers and business users.

What We Do

We provide digital media service in producing augmented reality solution into iOS/Android App. It expands real environment through digital information on mobile devices where users can point the camera of their mobile device to a real object, then multimedia content or informational content will appear on screen.

Possible Use Cases

  • X-ray vision of machine components or electronic objects
  • Visualization of reparation steps using video and instructional texts
  • On-screen text description with multimedia content to explain an item
  • Object visualization in 360 degrees

Using our augmented reality, we can add overlay such as website link, e-mail address, video insertion, social media sharing, etc.

Whenever users point a camera in smartphone into your physical print (catalogs or brochures), the mobile application will trigger actions such as video playback, text display, etc.

Brand owners can deliver educational contents about the product, facts about the product, and advertisements.

Whenever a consumer scan your product label, he/she will be able to view augmented reality contents on his/her mobile device.